Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hi Dottie May.  Sorry, but this seems to be the only way I can contact you regarding the Heart Swap from Mary Poppins Blog.

Please could you email me on amandakirby10@btinternet.com

We are swap partners, but I need your address etc to send the swap.

Hope to hear from you soon

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Charlie had decided he would love a Harry Potter Party to celebrate his 7th Birthday.  OK, I could do that, no probs.  What a nightmare.  I have been so stressed out over this party, but thank goodness everything came together and it was a brilliant success.

Here are the many photos I took of the preparations and party - enjoy:

Charlie's Birthday Banner at home, with some of his cards

The Birthday Party Invitations.  These took forever, as I had to find all the different Harry Potter fonts and logos.  They came out brilliant, I was really pleased with them

The envelopes were the more tricky, the font was a nightmare, as I had to use more than one font and in different sizes.  The back of the envelope was printed with the Hogwarts Logo and I secured the seal with a Red Wax sticker with the Hogwarts Logo

The invite asked the children to look out for the Hogwarts Express sign and Station Platform number.  Pretty easy to do, although the lettering did take a while.  Alot of re-writing the letters

Decided to go for a box Party Favour instead of those plastic party bags (which I hate).
Here are the 32 Party Boxes all ready for the party.  Phew, only took 2 hours to make up!

The boxes were tied with traditional string and topped off with a Hogwarts Owl Mail tag

And look what goodies were in the box.  I made the Bertie Botts sweets using jelly beans.
The squashy frog was disgusting, but seemed to be a hit with the kids.

And now we enter the Village Hall, or should I say Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
We hired the inflatable slide which we had last year.  The kids love it and keeps them pretty quiet, apart from all the screaming.

A trip around Hogwarts.  The school banners, which I made from black fabric and edged with ribbon.  My first major sewing project on my sewing machine - didn't think I did too bad for a first timer

The Great Hall, including the gold plates and cups

Floating candles, made out of card - and a nightmare to hang

Diagon Alley sign

We took the DVD/TV off the kitchen wall and showed Harry Potter throughout the party, the kids loved it

Harry Potter - Colouring in

Make your own Hedwig

Hedwig Owl balloon floating high up

Cake decorating

Spell Room, including wand and lesson chart

Broom parking

Charlie banner, done in the Harry Potter font

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Harmione Granger - took forever to make, but loved the end result

The cake was a real problem.  Nobody seemed to sell Harry Potter cakes.  So off to Tesco for a Star Cake.  I purchased 3 wood blank figures from Etsy and painted them as Ron, Harry & Harmione.  Charlie wanted me to do an owl, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

The kids all had a brilliant time - all 32 of them, I must have been mad.  NEVER AGAIN

Molly came as Rons pet rat - Scabbers

Charlie blowing out his candles and making a wish

With all the excitement of the day, I totally forgot to take a picture of Charlie in his Harry Potter costume, so here he is on Halloween in the same outfit:

A fab day was had by all.  Thank you to all the kids that turned up and made this party one to remember.  Thanks for all the help I received from Neil, my sister (Alison), Mum and Paul - there was alot of tidying up afterwards.

Happy Birthday Charlie.  Wonder what his next birthday will bring.

Monday, 7 May 2012

My Darling Boy Turns 7

Can't quite believe how Charlie has got to 7 so quickly, how the heck did that happen.  But its true, my darling boy turns 7 today.

A PSP was the order of the day, plus Lego, Lego, and more Lego.

We are off ten pin bowling this afternoon, then ending the day at Frankie and Benny's for our tea - yummy.

Sunday will be Charlie's 'Harry Potter' themed party (for the WHOLE CLASS - oh no what have I done!).  I'm in abit of a spin with it all at the moment, cant quite get my head round the many things still on my TO DO LIST.

Hey, Ive opened a new Facebook page for my felt goodies - find me here, hope you will be one of my followers.  Would be really grateful if you could pass on my facebook page details to all your friends.  Once I have afew more followers, a GIVEAWAY will take place:  http://www.facebook.com/StripesandstarsUK/timeline

Happy 7th Birthday my sweet Charlie, hope you have the most wonderful day....x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Getting Off My Bum

OK, the gym really didn't work out for me last year. When I was there, I was always thinking of stuff that needed to be done around the house, ironing, dusting etc, so I quit. This morning the fitness regime started again, only this time on my very doorstep. I live in the most wonderful village, with lots of countryside just a stroll away. I got off my bum and walked 3 miles. This I am going to try and do every morning, except for Tuesdays, as I am round at the village Primary School helping out. Took me 45 minutes this morning, hopefully I will become quicker. Do any of you bloggers exercise, would love to hear your tips. Right off now, need to bake 27 buns for Charlie's class. It's his 7th birthday on Monday, but as it's Bank Holiday, he wants to take goodies in today. Best get baking.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Anyone been watching Foxes Live

Me and the kids watched Foxes Live last night.  They stayed up a bit later, as Henrietta is always late home from Brownies on a Monday.  Normally, they are both in bed for 7.30!

The fox cubs where just so cute.  I know foxes can do damage, but watching them last night just makes your heart melt.

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I haven't increased my postage prices in my Folksy shop, so grab this crafty fox, he's looking for a new home.