Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tidy Crafter - At Long Last

I told you it may take some time for me to show you the 'after' photos of my spring clean.  Shelves were bought - and stained.  Felt bunting made and hung, felt sorted into colours, buttons in glass jars, and a fab new cushion for my computer chair - I really have been busy.

I can now find everything - its just perfect.  Why didnt I do this ages ago.  I love being organised - now for the rest of the house!
Made these sweet little hearts to hang on my craft cupboard
Forgot I had these.  I bought them about 3 years ago at a Car Boot Sale.  They are a perfect match for my new colour scheme.
Decided to give the new table cloth an airing.  It has replaced the lilac spotty one - which I hated with a passion.  Ive got my eye on a red polka dot one when this has seen better days.  These are wipe over table cloths - ideal for when the kids are eating - and also when mum is careless with the glue!

I visited Dunelm last week - my fav shop ever.  I really could buy everything in there.  Such wonderful fabrics and curtains.  Anyhow, I bought a pretty new lamp for the conservatory, as the old one refused to hold the bulb for more than 10 minutes.
Right off now, the ironing is calling - not keen as its now 5.30 on a Saturday evening.  Im sure I can hear the bottle of white wine calling from the fridge - yes I really can - bye for now.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fame Is Just Fab!

Look who's sprung up in Your Home magazine (Feb issue)  Me - Hooray.  I wrote an email to the lovely magazine a few months ago, and this month I am STAR LETTER.  I have even won myself £150.00 vouchers.  I am beside myself with happiness, I cannot stop grinning.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Untidy Crafter

My crafing space is starting to look a tad bit untidy. Truth is, I cannot find a thing. It is taking me twice as long to finish projects, as I spend half my time looking for items I need - a sort out is required. Units need to be bought and storage boxes need to be filled. Here are afew photos of my messy space - I will let you see the tidy space once it is done (might be a while though!).

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

School Closed

We woke up to rather alot of snow this morning, so hence the school is closed, as teachers cannot get into work.  Lets hope it opens tomorrow, as I have loads to do - Christmas dec's need to be taken down (without the help of two kids!), house needs a good tidy and then its on with the sewing.
My Etsy shop is now open but stocks are very low.  I am going to be listing quite afew felt emebellishments, as they sold well just before Christmas.

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Year - I really cant quite believe its all over for another year - oh well, we made a snowman family to cheer ourselves up - here's Charlie and Henrietta enjoying a day off school: