Saturday, 18 December 2010

2011 Giveaway

When I have reached the 100 mark on my blog followers, I am going to start a giveaway in 2011.  Please let all your fellow bloggers know, all they have to do is become a follower of my blog.

Have a great weekend, lets hope the snow stays away......x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Quick Catch Up

When it finally came, it didnt seem to want to stop.  Here is our back garden last week, looking ever so wintery.  Have to say, getting abit fed up of it now, the street is like an ice-skating rink - much to the delight of the kids.

It was the turn of Charlie's nativity play yesterday - 'The Sleepy Shepherd'.  Charlie was one of the sheep, oh it makes you want to cry (with laughter), he just looked so cute

Henrietta's Christmas Play 'When Santa Got Shot Down' - dont ask (it's all about World War 2!) takes place on Monday.  More photos to follow next week.

Last but not least, had to show you a photo of the felt ball garland I made, using felt balls I purchased from Blooming Felt.  I think it turned out rather good, it looks brilliant hung over my favourite pictures.

Heres hoping we dont get anymore snow - keep warm

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More Birthday Photos

Henrietta had a brilliant time at Build A Bear - I highly recommend it if you have one nearby.  The shop was really busy but we were allocated 'Sophie' who looked after all the kids - she was wonderful.  At the end of the party she got all the shop to sing Happy Birthday to Henrietta - how sweet was that.

Afterwards it was back home for a spot of something to eat.  Everything had to be 'bear' related - here are a few photos:

Would like to say I baked it myself, but I just cant lie.  Yummy chocolate cake from Tesco's, iced bear from a wonderful lady on Ebay, ribbon from ebay too - Henrietta was thrilled with the end result

Henrietta's bear invites, which took ages to cut out - but well worth it in the end
I have covered up my contact details

Charlie, Lucy, Henrietta and Beth enjoying a Birthday Tea

All kids rec'd a party box with some goodies inside - I am loving the bakers twine

Henrietta blows out her candles

Just finished off the Thank You notes - which are attached to a Thornton's Chocolate Bear, yum yum

Well, thats it for another year, well maybe not.  Charlie is already planning his Super Mario 6th Birthday Party - which will be happening in May!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Henrietta

Henrietta turns 8 today.  She was so excited this morning, she woke up every hour from 4 o'clock.  Heres wishing you a wonderful day.  Birthday party on Sunday includes a trip with two of her best friends to Build A Bear Workshop in Leeds.

Opening presents and cards

Birthday banner, tissue pom poms and bears - all made by me

Happy Birthday my 'Beautiful Girl'

Thursday, 4 November 2010

World War 2 Day

Henrietta's class project for this term is World War 2 (how exciting).  Today they visited Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton Le Hole, North Yorkshire for a World War 2 experience.

All the kids and teachers had to dress up in 1940's dress.  Heres Henrietta this morning dressed in her fair isle tank top, pleated skirt and grey knee socks.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy Belated Halloween

Halloween really should last for a full week instead of just the one day.  We still have our pumpkin (or Punkin as Charlie calls it) on the doorstep, but sadly all the other stuff is back in the loft until next year.

Kids really wanted to get dressed up this year, Henrietta as a cat and Charlie as a bat, but as we were away at Mums last week and I was really under the weather, I just didnt have the time or the strength to muster up anything - next year kids, I promise.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hello Blogland

Gosh, I didnt realise how long it was since my last post.  As ever I am busy busy busy.  My 'to-do' list is never ending (which in a strange way I like!).

OK some photos for you from the last few weeks: 

Charlies class project for the whole of last term was pirates.  On their class assembly day, they were all allowed to go dressed as a pirate.  As ever, I didnt have the correct props, so off a hunting I went for the perfect pirate costume.  This one I found on ebay from a wonderful seller who even sent extra items for Charlie - thank you so much Lisa, Charlie was over the moon with his costume.

Here are my two, plus my little niece Harriet playing on the swings at Yeadon Tarn.  Brrrr it was cold.

Also, forgot to mention in my last post (how on earth did I forget this one!).  A big CONGRATS to my sister Alison and her husband Richard on the safe arrival of baby Verity, who arrived on the 6th October.  She is just sooooo sweet.

It was the school holidays last week, I took the kids down to visit my Mum and Brian (stepdad).  Brian has just bought a fishing boat which is moor'd in pretty Christchurch.  The kids had a brilliant time - both had a go at driving.  Sadly we had to come away early from Mama and Grandads, as Charlie had a birthday party to attend on Thursday.  No worries, we will be visiting again very soon.

Hope you have all remembered to put your clocks back 1 hour.....x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Help Wanted

OK, so Henrietta will turn 8 on the 5th November (a bonfire night baby).  Do I know what to buy her, not a ruddy clue.  She is no help either, saying 'just get me anything'.  Oh yeah, this could mean anything from a Barbie doll to a real life pony.

Suggestions for presents would be greatly appreciated.  She can be quite girlie at times, her fav colour is pink, then again she has been known to climb the odd tree, so she is somewhat of a tomboy at times.

Thanking all you kind bloggers in advance.
By the way, thank you for those who suggested games for the DSi, it was a great help - Im on the case.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Designer Daughter

Henrietta went for her eyes testing last week, and much to her delight she needed glasses.  The colour had to be just the right shade of either pink or purple, and in true style she opted for the designer range.  One pair of ROXY designer glasses later and I have one very happy daughter.

Its nice to be blogging again after being absent for almost 2 weeks, the reason for no posts is that I have been rather busy sewing up a large order of felt hair clips for one of my customers in Australia - heres the whole order ready for shipping:

I am also helping out at my childrens primary school 3 times a week.  Friday afternoon is Golden Time with Years 1 and 2.  We made pop-up mouth cards last week, this was one of my attempts:
Thought he looked quite cute with the crown

We are making dream catchers tomorrow - out of paper plates - wish me luck

Friday, 10 September 2010

My Poor Achy Joints

I was full of beans going to bed last night, had my mind made up, I was going to the gym as soon as I'd dropped the kids off at school.  Mmm, things dont always work out as planned.  My poor joints this morning, I couldnt even swing my legs out of bed - every joint in my body aches.

So Im missing the gym today, but will return tomorrow to sort out those wobbley bits.

Hope you all have a great

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Gym Member

Oh god help me, Ive joined my local gym this morning.  Its only taken me 12 months to get through the doors (not bad going!).  Ive made every excuse under the sun not to join, but alas, the time has come to get rid of my wobbley bits (I have many).  First gym day is on Thursday - wish me luck fellow bloggers

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Blooming Lovely

Neil brought me home some flowers yesterday - roses are my all time favourite flower

Friday, 3 September 2010

Decorating Is Complete....

....well, until I start on the kitchen, but thats a project for next year.  I just want to relax in my lovely lounge and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

This is what colour I discovered underneath the grim wallpaper - not really a colour I would have in a lounge

And this is the finished result - alot of hard work, but well worth it - I am loving my new look lounge

At long last, I have proper toy storage, dvd and cd storage (where on earth did all those dvd's come from, I have 100's) - bliss!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

School Is Now Open

Kids went back to school today.  I was abit emotional this morning, as I really didnt want them to go.  Charlie was really excited about going back and seeing all his friends, and meeting his new teacher.  Have to say, Henrietta wasnt as keen, but just picked them up and she said she'd had a brilliant day.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Excuses Excuses

I always seem to have a faberoonie excuse for not posting - here's todays explanation: Ive been decorating.

I have lived with my nasty wallpaper (on the lounge walls) for 3 years (since moving in) and just couldnt stand it any longer.  Its not that the wallpaper offended me in anyway - it was the way it was put on the walls.  Every piece overlaped the other.  The border (which I loathe) was joined in 3 places on each wall - the pattern not being lined up - hey, I think you get the picture.

So after wallpaper stripping, sanding the walls (to an inch of their lives) I have finally got round to the painting stage.  I have completed the stairs and landing - waiting for my new carpet (oh the excitiment), the lounge should be finished by Tuesday.  Im off to IKEA this morning to purchase some toy storage (at last I will be able to hide all the kids toys away instead of them being on permanent show).

Im hoping to post some pics of finished project next week - have a great Sunday (the sun is shining - at long last)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Camping In Suffolk

Its been nearly a month since I last blogged - just where does the time go. 
End of school term was busy as usual, but at last the kids were on holiday and off we went camping to Suffolk.  The campsite was just wonderful, the kids had a ball.  Here are just a few of the photos I took of our week:
Our home for the week

We had direct and private access to this wonderful beach - only a 2 minute walk from the campsite

 Visited Great Yarmouth

Africa Alive

Southwold Pier

Fun on the beach

Golfing crazy

Camel Centre visit

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Seaside Trip For Riccall Brownies

Henrietta was so excited this morning, at long last, her seaside Brownie Trip had arrived.  They are going to Scarborough for the day, visiting the Sealife Centre and having a ride on an open top bus.  Hope you all have a great time Brownies.

An outing for me is on the cards too, its Riccall Summer Ball tonight, Im going with my friends Helen and Jane.  It should be a really good night, more photos to follow - if Im not too hungover!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Garden Bunting

As you might know, I cannot use a sewing machine, never have never will.

I wanted some bunting for my garden, but as I am on a saving spree (camping holiday coming up), I didnt want to spend any money.  Felt bunting didnt sound too convincing, but hey why not give it a go.  With a little encouragement from Jenny over at Winnibriggs I made some bunting and tied it to the swing seat.  Have to admit, Im pretty pleased with it - Im thinking of making some to put on the fence.

Hooray for felt bunting - Im hooked.