Monday, 5 July 2010

Garden Bunting

As you might know, I cannot use a sewing machine, never have never will.

I wanted some bunting for my garden, but as I am on a saving spree (camping holiday coming up), I didnt want to spend any money.  Felt bunting didnt sound too convincing, but hey why not give it a go.  With a little encouragement from Jenny over at Winnibriggs I made some bunting and tied it to the swing seat.  Have to admit, Im pretty pleased with it - Im thinking of making some to put on the fence.

Hooray for felt bunting - Im hooked.


  1. It looks great! Did you hand sew it/glue it?

  2. I think it has worked out fine, looks good to me :) x

  3. Oooh looks fab to me hunny...Might just try that myself!!!! 1st official day of the holidays over - thank goodness!!!...xox


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