Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Trip To The Hospital

Leeds General Infirmary phoned me yesterday, said they knew it was very short notice, but was there any chance we could bring Charlie into the Hospital this morning for his steroid injection.

Things were quickly rearranged, and this morning me and Neil set off with Charlie for yet another injection for his arthritis.

After careful examination, Dr Wood explained that the arthritis had spread to his other knee, this meant an injection in both knees, with only gas and air for pain relief.

Charlie had been upset about the thought of another injection, as he remembered how much the last one hurt.  He was so brave, but the doctor only managed to inject one knee.  There was no way Charlie was going to let him come near his other knee.  He is now booked in for October, he will be put under anesthetic and the injection given this way.  He is now more relaxed about the thought of him being asleep whilst they carry this out.

It seems so unfair that a 6 year old has to go through the pain of arthritis.  It was also decided that Charlie will not be put onto permanent medication - something I have only just got my head round, now it wont be happening.

He has a specialist eyetest in the next few weeks, as the fluid from his arthritis can get behind the eye and cause serious damage.  Also there will be many visits to the physio at York Hospital, as the muscle above one of his knees has become very weak.

Charlie was just so brave today, he was rewarded with a new DS game.

We are so very proud of you Charlie.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Charlie Starts Beavers

Charlie started Beavers on Thursday.  It has been a long time coming - he has had his name on the waiting list for over 12 months, but the day finally arrived.

He had a brilliant time, looking all grown up in his little Beaver Uniform.

Unfortunately, his arthritis has reared its ugly head again.  His knee is now the size of a small football.

Visited his consultant yesterday.  Another steroid injection needs to take place - which is really upsetting, but no parent likes to see their kids in pain, and Charlie is in so much pain at the moment.  He has become rather tearful over the last few days, especially when he starts to remember the last injection and how much it hurt.

It also looks like he will be going onto permanent medication for his arthritis - something I am not too keen on, but if it helps him lead a normal life, then bring it on.

I will keep you updated on his progress.  No matter how much pain my little boy is in, he always has a cheeky smile on his face - what a superstar.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend in Oxford

Well the kids are back at school and everything has returned to normal - well as normal as it gets in this house.

Me and Neil managed to sneak a weekend in Oxford last weekend (without the kids).  Kids were dropped off at my Mums and we headed for Oxford for a couple of nights.

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend we had.  Oxford is such a beautiful place, our hotel was only 5 minutes out of the city centre.  The weather was amazing, which always makes a big difference.

Shopping, sight seeing, relaxing, drinking beer and eating yummy food - what more could one ask for:

Hertford Bridge

Radcliffe Camera

We visited the Botanic Gardens - very pretty

Down by the river

Autumn is on its way

Christ Church College

The Eagle and Child - "Lewis" has been filmed here
We had to go in and try out the beer

A fab weekend - cant wait to do it again soon
Thank you Neil, I had a wonderful time