Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend in Oxford

Well the kids are back at school and everything has returned to normal - well as normal as it gets in this house.

Me and Neil managed to sneak a weekend in Oxford last weekend (without the kids).  Kids were dropped off at my Mums and we headed for Oxford for a couple of nights.

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend we had.  Oxford is such a beautiful place, our hotel was only 5 minutes out of the city centre.  The weather was amazing, which always makes a big difference.

Shopping, sight seeing, relaxing, drinking beer and eating yummy food - what more could one ask for:

Hertford Bridge

Radcliffe Camera

We visited the Botanic Gardens - very pretty

Down by the river

Autumn is on its way

Christ Church College

The Eagle and Child - "Lewis" has been filmed here
We had to go in and try out the beer

A fab weekend - cant wait to do it again soon
Thank you Neil, I had a wonderful time

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  1. Yayy a few days child free...looks like u had a great time...
    Live to all..
    Kirsti xx


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