Friday, 5 November 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Henrietta

Henrietta turns 8 today.  She was so excited this morning, she woke up every hour from 4 o'clock.  Heres wishing you a wonderful day.  Birthday party on Sunday includes a trip with two of her best friends to Build A Bear Workshop in Leeds.

Opening presents and cards

Birthday banner, tissue pom poms and bears - all made by me

Happy Birthday my 'Beautiful Girl'


  1. Happy Birthday Henrietta! Have a great day at the bear factory - I love it there!

  2. Happy Birthday Henrietta!! Oh to be 8 again!

  3. Have an absolute brilliant day....I remember the day you were born as if it was yesterday!!! Libby next week and that's it for birthdays this year!!! Hope you got the card that I actually remembered to post....Love and hugs and all that other mushy stuff...Kirsti xxx


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