Thursday, 23 September 2010

Designer Daughter

Henrietta went for her eyes testing last week, and much to her delight she needed glasses.  The colour had to be just the right shade of either pink or purple, and in true style she opted for the designer range.  One pair of ROXY designer glasses later and I have one very happy daughter.

Its nice to be blogging again after being absent for almost 2 weeks, the reason for no posts is that I have been rather busy sewing up a large order of felt hair clips for one of my customers in Australia - heres the whole order ready for shipping:

I am also helping out at my childrens primary school 3 times a week.  Friday afternoon is Golden Time with Years 1 and 2.  We made pop-up mouth cards last week, this was one of my attempts:
Thought he looked quite cute with the crown

We are making dream catchers tomorrow - out of paper plates - wish me luck

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  1. Yayy... you're back - I've missed the designer daughter did the hair go today? Love mine...I got out of helping at school today due to horse riding being of and cycling proficiency being cancelled due to the horrendous weather we are having today!!! Love and miss


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