Sunday, 17 October 2010

Help Wanted

OK, so Henrietta will turn 8 on the 5th November (a bonfire night baby).  Do I know what to buy her, not a ruddy clue.  She is no help either, saying 'just get me anything'.  Oh yeah, this could mean anything from a Barbie doll to a real life pony.

Suggestions for presents would be greatly appreciated.  She can be quite girlie at times, her fav colour is pink, then again she has been known to climb the odd tree, so she is somewhat of a tomboy at times.

Thanking all you kind bloggers in advance.
By the way, thank you for those who suggested games for the DSi, it was a great help - Im on the case.


  1. Libby is exactly the same a few days later!! Not a clue what she wants..have booked her a party over at simply create so maybe I will get her some proper grown up craft stuff..not sure!! Good luck with the to you soon. Xxx

  2. Check out our 7 year old a Den Kit for his birthday which has been a huge hit with all 4 kids - hours of fun. They have other more girly stuff on the website too (and the ladies that own the company are lovely!!) xx

  3. Hi, found your blog via Kirsti. Just love your felt work! So sweet & intricate, just divine!!!!


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