Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hello Blogland

Gosh, I didnt realise how long it was since my last post.  As ever I am busy busy busy.  My 'to-do' list is never ending (which in a strange way I like!).

OK some photos for you from the last few weeks: 

Charlies class project for the whole of last term was pirates.  On their class assembly day, they were all allowed to go dressed as a pirate.  As ever, I didnt have the correct props, so off a hunting I went for the perfect pirate costume.  This one I found on ebay from a wonderful seller who even sent extra items for Charlie - thank you so much Lisa, Charlie was over the moon with his costume.

Here are my two, plus my little niece Harriet playing on the swings at Yeadon Tarn.  Brrrr it was cold.

Also, forgot to mention in my last post (how on earth did I forget this one!).  A big CONGRATS to my sister Alison and her husband Richard on the safe arrival of baby Verity, who arrived on the 6th October.  She is just sooooo sweet.

It was the school holidays last week, I took the kids down to visit my Mum and Brian (stepdad).  Brian has just bought a fishing boat which is moor'd in pretty Christchurch.  The kids had a brilliant time - both had a go at driving.  Sadly we had to come away early from Mama and Grandads, as Charlie had a birthday party to attend on Thursday.  No worries, we will be visiting again very soon.

Hope you have all remembered to put your clocks back 1 hour.....x

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  1. Baby Verity is very cute...hope you didn't forget to send Alison our love and best wishes!!!...Pirate costume does look good and he looks very 'to do' list is getting longer by the day - will I ever catch up before Christmas!!!

    Have a great week..will call you this week for a catch up!! Love to you all...Kirsti xxx


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