Friday, 10 September 2010

My Poor Achy Joints

I was full of beans going to bed last night, had my mind made up, I was going to the gym as soon as I'd dropped the kids off at school.  Mmm, things dont always work out as planned.  My poor joints this morning, I couldnt even swing my legs out of bed - every joint in my body aches.

So Im missing the gym today, but will return tomorrow to sort out those wobbley bits.

Hope you all have a great


  1. It's soo funny
    I don' like sports either
    but I like to encouragge you,
    make the best of it !


  2. Oh you poor baby...I would love to say I told you so but keep at it, it's worth it in the end - I am still working up to a great weekend...Say hi to the kids...x

  3. You are reminding me that I seriously need to start some exercise regime. Have a lovely weekend!!xxx

  4. All the best with the achy joints. Hope you have a good weekend!


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