Sunday, 22 August 2010

Excuses Excuses

I always seem to have a faberoonie excuse for not posting - here's todays explanation: Ive been decorating.

I have lived with my nasty wallpaper (on the lounge walls) for 3 years (since moving in) and just couldnt stand it any longer.  Its not that the wallpaper offended me in anyway - it was the way it was put on the walls.  Every piece overlaped the other.  The border (which I loathe) was joined in 3 places on each wall - the pattern not being lined up - hey, I think you get the picture.

So after wallpaper stripping, sanding the walls (to an inch of their lives) I have finally got round to the painting stage.  I have completed the stairs and landing - waiting for my new carpet (oh the excitiment), the lounge should be finished by Tuesday.  Im off to IKEA this morning to purchase some toy storage (at last I will be able to hide all the kids toys away instead of them being on permanent show).

Im hoping to post some pics of finished project next week - have a great Sunday (the sun is shining - at long last)


  1. Sounds like you have been a busy busy bee babes!!!...It will look fab when it's fifnished...Might be down to see you again in October...will explain later...are the kids back this week or do you have another week of peace and quiet? soon...x

  2. Hello there!

    Always think its a bit spooky when you visit a blog and someone is writing about stuff you have just done or are about to do! We are planning to decorate our very Lavender coloured bedroom in the next few weeks, and only on Sunday were we at Ikea buying storage to try and hide all the toys that have taken over our living room...!
    Loved the Suffolk pics from your last post too by the way, looks like a great time!

    Love Julia x x x


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