Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bad News, Sad News, Happy News

I haven't blogged for ages, but for reasons which will be explained.

Bad News:  Charlie has been diagnosed with childhood arthritis.

Been abit of a nightmare - having to visit 2 different hospitals for treatment.  He will be at Leeds for steroid injections (in his knee) on Wednesday, then it's York Hospital on Thursday to see the consultant.  We then need to visit York again for a specialist eye test, as arthritis could damage his eye sight, he may just need drops for this.

Charlie being Charlie is bearing up well, he finds it difficult to walk down the steps in the morning, and normally comes down on his bum.  Hopefully the injections will work - they can stay in the system for up to 8 months - I will keep you all updated.

Sad News:  We had to have Broccoli (our beautiful bunny) put to sleep last week.  She had lost use of her back legs - the vet also said that something was amiss with her bladder.

She was 8 years old, and as a rescue bunny, I feel very proud to have given her a wonderful life.  She ate all my plants in the garden, chewed through one of my kitchen chairs and was as stubborn as they come.  Still, I know she is running around in 'bunny heaven' with her soulmate 'Lettuce'

We loved her very much and she is very sadly missed.

Happy News: My very dear friend Kathryn had a little baby girl last week - welcome to the world Willow Mae, can't wait to see you and give you a great big cuddle.


  1. Am definitely going to phone you this week...text me when is best...

    Kids will be gutted about Brocs...

    Hugs and loads of other stuff!!!
    Kirsti xxx

  2. You have been missed!

    Sorry to hear about your lad, it must be hard coming to terms with the diagnosis and on a practical note it is bloomin hard work coping with all the hospital appointments etc that comes with it!

    Sending love! Annie x

  3. sorry to read your sad news , what a beautiful bunny Broccoli was!

  4. Sorry to hear your sad news about Broccoli, sounds like she had a wonderful life but it must be so hard not to have her around:( sorry also about Charlie's diagnosis, hopefully with the right treatment though he will be able to lead a full and very happy life! Hugs, Jenny x

  5. Sorry to hear of your sad news.
    Hope Charlies treatment works well. x

  6. Charlie sounds like a boy that will make things work for him, so I'm wishing him lots of luck and giving gentle hugs.

    I'm sorry to hear about your rabbit, but you gave him lots of love and made him happy, I'm sure.

  7. It's so sad when a pet goes, but it from your post it reads like she had a very happy life.

    It sounds like you have had a very emotional few weeks, poor Charlie, but what a brave little boy. I hope the treatment works for him and life settles down for you all soon. xxx


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