Sunday, 6 November 2011

Henrietta Turns 9

Henrietta turned 9 yesterday.  So where have the last 9 years gone.

I can remember every single detail of her coming into this world, what I dressed her in, her home coming - everything.  So how come I couldnt tell you what I had for my breakfast this morning!

She had a wonderful day, we went out for a spot of lunch at one of her favourite restaurants, then a little family bonfire with lots of fireworks and sparklers.  Today was shopping, just for her.  She wanted to spend some of her birthday money, so a trip to Toys R Us was on the menu.  Bless her, she has saved some of her money for another day.

Happy Birthday Henrietta
I love you so very very much x


  1. Happy Birthday Henrietta...Hope the card arrived on time..but you know how rubbish I am at posting..haha..
    Talk to you soon..
    Kirsti xx

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