Sunday, 4 March 2012

Im Still Here

Hi lovely bloggers.  Im still here, although I do feel like I have fallen off the edge of the earth, in more ways than one.

I have been really busy with all my sewing projects, and life seems to have gotten in the way of blogging.  Im hoping to get my mo jo back, and will be blogging again very soon.

Another reason for my disappearing act is Charlies arthritis.  Although it has not reared its ugly head since well before Christmas, he has been through alot lately:

First he lost nearly all his vision in his right eye, as the arthritis fluid had gotten behind.  We have had many trips to the eye clinic at York Hospital.  Charlie is under the wonderful care of Mr Taylor and Dr Naylor (yeah I know they rhyme).  Without their help and support, we would not have got through this as a family.  I have cried many tears over Charlie, especially his eye sight, but these wonderful doctors always know the right thing to say, so we thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.

Charlie now has to take medication, although he got himself so worked up on Friday night, he was sick everywhere.

He will now be seeing a Child Psychologist at Leeds Hospital in the hope we can get him to talk about his condition, fears etc.  He has to have regular blood tests and he is terrified of needles, blood test tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

So thats about it really, as you can see from the above, blogging hasnt really been on the 'to do' list.

I now have 94 followers, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  When I reach 100 followers, I will be doing regular giveaways, so SPREAD THE WORD and help me get to the magic 100.

Although I am not blogging, I am still keeping up with all the goings on in blog land.

Love Amanda.....xxxxxx

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  1. Aaaw he is going through so much at the moment...makes my kids problems seem insignificant in comparison...sending him BIG hugs from the Cook household and hope to see you all again soon...

    Take care honey....
    Kirsti xx


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