Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Night - Birthday Girl

Oh my, Henrietta is 7 today.  It doesnt seem 2 minutes since I brought her home from the hospital.  She is having a party at home on Saturday.  Being a 'crafty' mum I made her banner and some beautful butterflies to hang from the ceiling - sorry about the out of focus pics!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girlie


  1. Aaw doesn't she look gorgeous.. Happy Birthday babes!!! I have not forgotten her card... I have just not posted it yet!!! I am really rubbish at sending cards aren't I??? Still have Finlay's card and pressie and his birthday was 26 Oct and he only lives round the corner... I also still have my brother-in-laws 50th present sitting here and his birthday was end of one day I live in hope of getting it you Kirsti x

  2. Just giving you a lovely blog award...x

  3. Hope Henrietta had a lovely birthday. Time passes way too quickly with kids - I know exactly what you mean. x


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