Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Month Between Posts

I am a bad blogger, it has been a month since I last posted - bad bad blogger.
Reason:  been very very busy with wholesale orders, kids, housework etc etc.

Easter was great, lots of chocolate, dare not approach the bathroom scales at the moment, maybe I will feel brave in a few days time.  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter Break.

Kids are now on school holidays, but on the last day of term they had to decorate an egg to take in to school, here are the results - Henrietta made a rabbit and used the egg box as the garden.  Charlie made Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Fighter (with a little help from Mum).

SewHip Magazine

SewHip Magazine contacted me the other month, asking if they could use some of my emebellishments for the May issue - I jumped at the chance.  Couldnt wait for the issue to arrive on the shelves - and here it is, in all its glory


  1. oohh how exciting, I'll look for you as soon as my issue comes through the door :)

  2. Well done you - will look out for it next time I am in Tesco - just got back from Tenerife this morning...x


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