Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Scarey Hair

Kids played out as soon as they had dumped all their school items on the door-mat.  First on their list of things to do, the trampoline.  Ours does tend to give them scarey hair though, I think it must be something to do with the safety net.

Our rabbit - Broccoli was enjoying the sunshine last week.  Here she is sitting in our empty pond. 
The pond has now been filled:
Plants in - check
Fountain in - check
Fish in - oh yeah, now I knew there was something we'd forgotten.  Buying some fish at the weekend - hopefully.  Will show you pic's later.


  1. Our lot's hair goes like that too...makes for some very interesting they have settled back into's like we have never been away...xox

  2. They look a right cheeky pair, even without the hair dos. Hope bunny doesnt forget pond now filled, would be a bit of a rude awakening. Do rabbits like water?

  3. Hi winnibriggs, Broccoli is a tad bit deaf and blind, so no hope with the pond. She does seem to sense there is water in there though, she was drinking out of the pond this morning. Not sure is bunnies can swim, although the pond has been dug in shelves (for safety), so I am sure she would be able to get out if needs be. She has found one of the pond plants and eaten that, now that she has eaten all my garden plants - pets who'd have em!


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