Saturday, 8 May 2010

Broken Bones

It all started on Wednesday night, Henrietta had been at her friends house for tea, went to pick her up - she was busy having fun on the trampoline.  Watch me do this Mum, and hey presto.  Took her straight down to York Hospital, where they told us she had broken two major bones in her left arm.  Stayed in over night, she was then sent down for surgury on Thursday morning.  Hospital monitored her until late last night, then told us we could go home - thank goodness.

Get Well Soon Pudding


  1. Poor baby...broken bones are nasty but thankfully kids heal fast! Will expect to see some cool graffiti on the cast real soon! xx

  2. Thats kids for you, but at least she's on the mend now (literally I hope. Lots of hugs for Henrietta and frazzled mum too!
    Jenny xx

  3. Oh poor thing. Hope she gets better soon x

  4. Hi again, thanks for your comment on my blog - have had lots of reassurance from my Followers which has been so lovely. Hope Henrietta is on the mend. xx

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have! I am glad i found it today! Poor little thing, hope Henrietta gets better soon. I guess the worry with children never ends, from the day they are conceived until they grow old and grey :) xx
    Come and join my little jedi blog xx

  6. Hi! Thanks for popping over to Amanda Makes! So sorry to hear about Henrietta's arm. She looks very stoic in her photo! What a star! I'd be wimpering and being a real pain1 Lots of love, Amanda xxx


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