Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie

It was Charlie's 5th Birthday yesterday, reason for late posting - Henrietta's broken arm (more about that later).

Inbetween sleeping at the hospital, I managed to return home on Thursday night to sort out Charlie's birthday (thank goodness his party isnt until next Sunday).  I put up his banner which I had made, then started on the cupcakes, which he insisted on taking to school - for all his class.  Thankfully I had made the cupcake toppers last week.

He woke up on Friday to find balloons, banners, presents, cards - it was such a shame it was just me and him celebrating (Neil was with Henrietta at the hospital - we were taking it in shifts to sleep over).

Henrietta was aloud home on Friday night, so we were all able to share his birthday.  His little smartie birthday cake went down a treat - he's having a star wars cake for his party.
I cannot believe he has turned 5 already.  Just where those 5 years have gone is anyone's guess.
Charlie, you make me smile and laugh everyday, I love you more than ever.  You will always be my little baby, no matter how old you are.

Happy Birthday Little Man


  1. Aaw Happy Birthday little man - Niamh will be catching you up very soon... And so bad luck about Henrietta's arm... That was not good at all... they are a worry trampolines but we have a net on ours since Morgan fell of and really badly bruised his back when he was smaller...Hope she gets better very to her and Charlie..will call you soon hun...xox

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Charlie. I'm sure you will have enjoyed it despite Henriettas accident. Enjoy your party next week.

  3. He is so adorable...sorry to hear about the broken arm.


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