Saturday, 12 June 2010

Sports Day

The sun came out just in time for The Riccall Primary 2010 Sports Day.  What a wonderful afternoon.  All the kids did brilliant. Henrietta and Charlie were both in the purple team.

As you can see, Henrietta had her pot removed last Thursday.  She is still unable to straighten her arm fully, but the doctor says this could take up to 3 weeks.  She is going back into hospital on Monday morning for her 2nd lot of grommets and her adenoids out.  This means packing an over night bag for both of us, as she has to stay in hospital on Monday night due to her having surgery.  Cant say Im looking forward to sleeping on the hospital campbed, and its always so hot on the childrens ward.

Just a few more photos before I sign off and enjoy this morning's sunshine.  The other day, Charlie had a chocolate biscuit and decided to paint a chocolate moustache onto his face:

I forgot to post this photo when writing about Charlie's Star Wars party.  Charlie wanted to do 'Pin The Lightsaber On Yoda'  I was unable to find any such thing, so decided to draw one for him.  I coloured him in with Henrietta's coloured pencils.  I thought he turned out quite well - the little marks on the picture are where the kids pin'd the lightsaber - as you can see, they do tend to cluster around the hand, I think some cheating was going on there.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing.  We are going round to my friends house tomorrow - she is having a Butterfly Tea Party to raise money for charity.  Hope the weather stays warm.  I may not post for a while now, as we will be sat in the hospital for the next few days.


  1. Hope all goes well with Henrietta's hospital stay. Molly was in yesterday - glad it's done and she's home.

    Love the Yoda drawing - my boys were SO impressed!! xx

  2. We had our Sports day cancelled last Tuesday because of torrential rain so it's re-booked for this Tuesday..not holding out much hope really tho as the weather is soo rubbish just now!! Lucky you if you have sunshine...

    Sending love and lots of ((((hugs)))) to Hets for her op on Monday... will be thinking about her...

    Enjoy the tea party - sounds like fun...
    Love Kirsti xxx


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