Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Going Cold Turkey

coldturkey.jpgI have not been able to sleep for the last two nights.  When I say no sleep, I mean I have clock watched and seen every hour.  Christmas was wonderful, with lots of rich food and lots more wine.  Yes the wine is the reason for my lack of sleep - I am going cold turkey.


  1. I haven't slept properly for weeks hun!!! If I go to bed before 10pm I am usually awake about 4 in the morining but am not getting to sleep til gone midnight and if I go to bed after 10pm it's usually 2-3am I am getting to sleep...not sure what's up with my body clock!!!take it easy and try to catch up on some when the kids are back at school this rush to get straight back into routine...better go - of to watch Niamh's postponed nativity at 2pm..Love ya..take care Kirsti xxx

  2. Fellow insomniac here! I've been going to bed about 2am lately, if I go any earlier I just find myself laying there and getting more and more annoyed! x


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