Friday, 4 March 2011

World Book Day 2011

It was World Book Day yesterday - Riccall Primary School's theme this year was 'traditional tales'  Henrietta wanted to go as Rapunzel.  Not too bad, all I had to make was the hair and the felt crown.

Charlie insisted on being the Gingerbread Man, ric rac ribbon was sewn onto trousers and top.  Buttons and felt bow tie were also added.  To finish off, I made him the mask out of brown felt.  We didnt have a pair of brown gloves, so he wore brown socks on his hands!

Charlie is already planning next year's outfit - he want's to go as a frog.


  1. Excellent...Libby went as a fairy princess from one of her books and Niamh went as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...of course I completely forgot to take photos...we went down to the library with Niamh'class to meet the author of Hamish McHaggis....xx

  2. They both look brilliant, but I especially love that gingerbread man costume! x

  3. They look fab ... though am quite glad my three are all grown up now and I don't have to do all that stuff any more! We still have the photos though of every flipping costume I made! I get them out now and again to embarrass them with.


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