Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

Hope all you Mummy's had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.  Me and my sister sent my mum some flowers, as she lives so far away - hope you had a nice day Mum.

My sister came over with her two, and we all had a great time - eating and drinking.

I got sooooo many flowers, they ended up filling not one, not two but FOUR vases.  Thank you kids, thank you Neil.

Rec'd some other wonderful gifts from them too.  Both kids made Mothers Day cards at school, which are always so special.  All in all, a wonderful day was had by all.


  1. Gosh, what a lot of flowers, and some lovely other gifts too, lucky thing! Sounds like you had a magic day and will be able to keep those handmade cards forever! Hope you're having a lovely Monday so far, Jenny x

  2. cute are they...I think I got a total of 9 handmade pressies except for the bunch of handpicked daffies that Niamh left in my bedside drawer...haha...Took them all to the cinema to see Megamind and then out for lunch then they all got some new stuff(even Allan)..I got nothing..oh but i did treat myself to a new pair of Fiskars scissors..We are of on hols now for 2 weeks!!! Talk soon and hugs to the kids(and you)...

    Kirsti xx

  3. oh my, how lovely ... looks like you had a lovely day, and very well deserved.


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