Friday, 8 April 2011

Coughs and Colds

I have a dreadful cold, great timing or what - kids break up today.  I was going to attend the Church Service with school, but there's noway I can go, coughing, spluttering and spreading my germs.

Charlie had a hospital appointment with the consultant this morning, Thankfully Neil wasnt working away, so he was able to take him.  Great news, the consultant is really happy with Charlie's knee, he will see him again in 3 months time.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the arthritis doesnt turn up in another joint, or come back to his knee joint - only time will tell.

I can feel another sneeze coming on - now where did I put those tissues.

Mr. Sneeze - Mr. Men Classic Library

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  1. lol at Mr Sneeze - Niamh has her Little Miss Trouble t-shirt on today...hope you better soon hun..and that's good news about Charlie - will be keeping everything crossed for


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