Sunday, 12 June 2011

Birthday Girl

It was my birthday on Friday.  Had a really lovely day, my sister came over and we had a good catch up, as the kids were at school.

I rec'd some really lovely presents - want to take a peek:

My sister got me these lovely things from the kids (we have stopped buying each other presents and just buy from the kids)

Lots of lovely goodies from Neil and the kids. 

I am loving my CK bag, its just the right size for eveything I need, including my new CK purse.

 Dont you just love Cath Kidston.

And my special present, well they were all special, but this one was love at first sight - no honest it really was.  Not that Ive had much of a play on it, kids seem to think its theirs!

Yes, my very own ipad2 - I am so in love with it.  Just deciding what sort of cover to get for it.  Thank you Neil - I loved all my birthday presents, but I think you can guess which is my all time fav.

My Mum and Brian gave me money, in which I have bought a camping kitchen, doesnt sound too glamorous, but I have been wanting one for ages now.  The rest of my birthday money I am going to treat myself to some lights from Cox & Cox for the fireplace - I love birthdays.


  1. Happy Belated birthday! I love your new CK bag, im so jealous!
    hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend
    emma x

  2. Hope you had a fabby day...sorry with being away I completely forgot to put a card in the post...was only home on Tuesday this week...loving your ipad2 and I am NOT jealous(well maybe a teensy weensy

    Love you guys lots
    Kirsti xxx

  3. Happy birthday for friday, you got some fab presents! I love that CK bag, such beautiful colours! Hope you've had a good rest of your birthday weekend xx

  4. Oohh lots of birthday goodies! Didn't you do well! *giggle*

  5. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This work is very beautiful, nice and creative,,


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