Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Reggie at The Bunny Retreat

Reggie was looked after by Claire and her husband Chris this Easter at The Bunny Retreat.

You can find them here:  www.thebunnyretreat.co.uk

She took this brilliant picture of him, and I just had to show it off, he looks so cute.  He has really settled in, loves nothing better than sleeping on the rug in the front room, he likes his comfort.

If you are going away on holiday and need a safe and happy place to take your rabbit or small pets, bear Claire in mind.  She is just 2 minutes off the A1 near Doncaster.  Im not sure Reggie actually wanted to come home after his stay at The Bunny Retreat, but he will be going back soon to see his Auntie Claire.


  1. Aaaw he looks soooo cute...i don't think Robbie Ray the hamster is going to last much longer after her little escapde a couple of months ago and darn it did I not leave the cage open again when we were away this weekend and had to retrieve her from under the freezer again looking very worse for wear!!!

    Kirsti xxx

  2. He looks so cute, I'd really like a rabbit but OH says no :( x

  3. that pic is gorgeous - one to frame i think x

  4. Your shared rabbit photograph is so cute and looks so gorgeous. As well as your shared information is very informative also.


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