Friday, 4 May 2012

Getting Off My Bum

OK, the gym really didn't work out for me last year. When I was there, I was always thinking of stuff that needed to be done around the house, ironing, dusting etc, so I quit. This morning the fitness regime started again, only this time on my very doorstep. I live in the most wonderful village, with lots of countryside just a stroll away. I got off my bum and walked 3 miles. This I am going to try and do every morning, except for Tuesdays, as I am round at the village Primary School helping out. Took me 45 minutes this morning, hopefully I will become quicker. Do any of you bloggers exercise, would love to hear your tips. Right off now, need to bake 27 buns for Charlie's class. It's his 7th birthday on Monday, but as it's Bank Holiday, he wants to take goodies in today. Best get baking.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your walk definitely gets easier the more you do it,,,If I can walk 26 miles then anyone can!!!

    Kirsti xxx

    PS forgot to post card AGAIN!!! Think its cos we have been super busy this week with school trips, brownie trips, paint courses, weekends away....ooops!!

  2. Oh I wish you all the luck, I'd love to get back into keeping fit. So I'll be watching to see how well you get on, I know you will :) also I'll be coming to you now for hints lol


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