Monday, 7 May 2012

My Darling Boy Turns 7

Can't quite believe how Charlie has got to 7 so quickly, how the heck did that happen.  But its true, my darling boy turns 7 today.

A PSP was the order of the day, plus Lego, Lego, and more Lego.

We are off ten pin bowling this afternoon, then ending the day at Frankie and Benny's for our tea - yummy.

Sunday will be Charlie's 'Harry Potter' themed party (for the WHOLE CLASS - oh no what have I done!).  I'm in abit of a spin with it all at the moment, cant quite get my head round the many things still on my TO DO LIST.

Hey, Ive opened a new Facebook page for my felt goodies - find me here, hope you will be one of my followers.  Would be really grateful if you could pass on my facebook page details to all your friends.  Once I have afew more followers, a GIVEAWAY will take place:

Happy 7th Birthday my sweet Charlie, hope you have the most wonderful day....x


  1. Happy Birthday to a gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!! Sending lots of love his way...
    Kirsti xxx

  2. aww he is a cutie!! and he shares my birthday too! Happy birthday xx


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