Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Holidays v Christmas

Well the school holidays are in full swing.  Lots of visits to the park, swimming pool, ice cream eating - you get the idea.

We are off on our jolly hols next Friday.  Yep this time next week, we will be landing in The South of France.  We all need this holiday.  Charlie needs some sun on his pale and skinny body.  He is still having lots of treatment for his childhood arthritis, and more to come when we get back.  Neil needs to get away from it all, especially work and the house.  The house, which we are doing up in stages seems to be taking longer than planned.  Hopefully I will be able to show you pictures on our return.

Posts keep popping up on Facebook about how many weeks there are till Christmas.  Oh heck, I better get my skates on and start sewing some of these little beauties.  I will be adding personalised handstamped tags this year.  I will post these on my Facebook page beginning of September, for those of you who are extra organised with their Christmas shopping xxxx


  1. Oh these are just too cute!!
    Hope you guys have the best holiday...
    Take care.
    Kirsti xxx

  2. Thanks Kirsti. We do not fly until next Friday, but are going down to Mums on Monday. Airport only 10 minutes from Mums house, which is a real bonus. Airport in France only 10 minutes from where we are staying - hooray xxx

  3. Oh these are soooo cute! Thanks for your message. Yes it's wonderful to dare to look forward to Christmas...there was one point where i couldn't bear to. She's amazing! Enjoy your hols!!!! Xxxx


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