Friday, 25 October 2013


This 'Im going to blog more often' lark hasn't exactly started yet.
I seem to be so busy with general 'life' stuff, blogging is way down on the To Do List at the moment.

I have very good reasons for being away from blogland.  First my darling boy Charlie who suffers from childhood arthritis.  2 months ago, we discovered he had lost vision in one eye, it has been a scary time for the whole family, and even now, I cant accept what has happened.  The vision loss is a result of his illness, and we have been making many trips to various hospitals.  He underwent a major operation on his eye to insert a Shunt Tube, but as yet we haven't seen any results, and the consultant is keeping rather quiet.

Secondly, we are doing up our 'other' house.  It seems so long since we started major works on it, but the light at the end of the very long tunnel seems to be getting brighter by the day.  We may even be finished in time for Christmas.  The garden however will have to wait until next Spring.  Photos to follow.

School holidays are now upon us.  We are visiting grandparents on the south coast next week.  Should be a nice break from the norm.

Happy Half Term everyone, and I promise (well, sort of), to be blogging abit more often.

Amanda x

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  1. Yayy for school holidays....our lot go back on Monday...yayy...have a great to


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