Friday, 16 October 2009

Ribbons In A Tangle

Sorting through my ribbon box last night, I hadnt realised how messy it had become - another thing to add to my never ending list of 'things to do'.  Henrietta's invites were finished off last night, all were handed out to school friends this morning - she was so excited.  Birthday parties - dont you just love em!


  1. Ooh, you should see the amount of ribbon I Did sort it out tho and have saved all my finished ribbon spools and used them to wind all the loose ribbon on so it is all nice and neat now... Did you have a lookie over at the Art from the Heart site yet... you would really love it and I am so envious that you are so close to it...x

  2. I havent had chance to take a look, what with all the painting - and guess what I will be doing all weekend. Finished painting the gable end, now its round to the front of the house - lots more painting to be had, just wish I had a weekend of crafting......x


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