Wednesday, 21 October 2009

This & That

Raining again this morning, so no painting, although it was nice to have a break from being up the scaffolding and not being able to feel your fingers cos you are so cold.  Instead cleaned out Tinkerbell (Henrietta's hamster), then started on the washing/drying/ironing.

Hopefully I will be able to open my Etsy shop in the next few days, here's a photo of my animal cracker cookies which will be available when the shop re-opens.


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment about my journal page - she is only up the road from you if you fancy taking it up - its very messy but very therauputic(sp?)... I love it...

    Love the cookies - way too neat to make for my messy mind

  2. I love your creations! The cakes are amazing - you are a very talented lady. Can I buy some?!? xxx


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